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My Approach

As human beings we were created for connection; we were made for relationships. Though we've all experienced wounds in our relationships, we also heal in relationships. This is the gift of therapy. 

From her own journey, Jenny knows that sometimes we feel overwhelmed with life. We may find ourselves stuck, with no idea how to get beyond our struggle and suffering. We may feel isolated and alone, desperate for guidance, and longing for the safety of someone who can hear and hold our story.

This may be you.

Whatever is going on in your life right now is not the end of your story. There is hope for freedom, healing, and wholeness.

Jenny is honored to accompany you along that path. Her warm and engaging style fosters an atmosphere of comfort, openness, and trust. Jenny uses an integrative approach to counseling, which means that as she listens to your story and your unique struggle, she will choose the therapeutic approach that best meets your individual needs. Together, she will collaborate with you to set goals based on your purpose for seeking counseling.

As you look for a therapist, keep in mind that not every counselor is the best fit. It is important for you to feel a sense of connection, and confidence that your counselor can meet your needs.  If you are interested in exploring this possibility with Jenny, we hope you will reach out

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